Exela Technologies Expands Relationship with a Leading Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

  • Enterprise 电子邮件收发室 (DMR) deployment to facilitate digital communication to service HMO’s 200,000个成员
  • Demand for DMR platform continues across both enterprise customers and the SMB market segment

德克萨斯州的欧文,10月. 2021年15月15日——Exela技术公司. (“Exela”或“公司”)(纳斯达克:XELA), a global business process automation leader, today announced an expansion with a leading Medicare Advantage HMO. This expansion highlights the continued demand for Exela’s DMR platform to facilitate digital communication. Exela’s DMR is an end-to-end document management system that digitizes mail and other documents to create searchable, shareable digital assets that can be automatically routed to individual or group recipients, 完全跟踪, and made accessible via a secure web-based portal, 从任何地方,任何时间. The DMR platform leverages Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) to significantly improve efficiency and accelerate digital transformation for HMO’s business communication with its 200,000个成员.

DMR rollout for enterprise customers further augments the existing SMB launch in several countries and highlights the demand for and value of Exela’s solutions. Customers across the globe are seeking a solution to the operational challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are privileged to expand our longstanding partnership with this HMO with the addition of our industry leading DMR solutions suite. This deployment will digitally connect members and providers with the HMO to reduce cycle time and improve customer service“ said Suresh Yannamani, Exela科技的总裁.

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Exela Technologies is a business process automation (BPA) leader, leveraging a global footprint and proprietary technology to provide digital transformation solutions enhancing quality, 生产力, 和终端用户体验. With decades of experience operating mission-critical processes, Exela serves a growing roster of more than 4,遍布50个国家的000个客户, 包括超过60%的财富®100强. Utilizing foundational technologies spanning information management, 工作流自动化, 和综合通信, Exela’s software and services include multi-industry, departmental solution suites addressing finance and accounting, 人力资本管理, 和法律管理, as well as industry-specific solutions for banking, 医疗保健, 保险, 以及公共部门. 通过云计算平台, built on a configurable stack of automation modules, , 18岁以上,000名员工在23个国家工作, Exela rapidly deploys integrated technology and operations as an end-to-end digital journey partner


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